Half Way Through (Entry for February 04, 2009)

– A New Beginning Way for The Biggest Dream of My Life……

…Tại sao mình lại hay rất hay lãng phí thời gian cho những chuyện viển vông, những ước muốn không thể thành hiện thực. Hãy quay về thực tại, hãy nhìn lại mình là ai và tìm ra lối đi dành cho mình. Mình còn rất trẻ, nhưng thời gian dành cho mình là không nhiều….Tại sao không dành thời gian cho những việc có ý nghĩa hơn, ít nhất là có ý nghĩa cho bản thân mình. Hãy bỏ lại những việc không cần thiết, những ước muốn không thể thành hiện thực…

…Dr. Anthony K. H. TUNG nói đúng.

– Early years : Mostly a blur now, but three things stand out:

+ I always start behind others
+ I always want to win
+ I always want to manage to improve and go to the front

– I was not the first choice for all this because I am always the slowest in class. But I work the hardest on whatever task that is given eventually when others failed, I took over and succeed.

– Today, I realize that: “I am probably average but that can be overcome with a winning mentality that is the desire to overcome challenges and meet targets that one set for oneself regardless of one’s limitation”

The Heartwares of Research – It refer to the attitude and mentality towards research which is more important than intelligence but which is more often overlook.

– One have no choice on whether one is born rich or poor, handsome or ugly etc. There are too many “no choices” in life. But one can choose to be nice, to be hardworking and to have a winning mentality. Life is beautiful because of these choices among ‘no choices’, Isn’t it?

– But it is really a question of what you can do to maximize the impact of your talents and the opportunities that are given to you.

“I have a lot of respect for people, not because of their talent but for what they do with their talent and how they get the maximum from their talent. What do you do to get talent? You have the right genes or the right parents. But what you do with that talent is down to you. I have met lots of people who had lots of talent, but they never did anything?” —Arsene Wenger on ‘talent’, September 2007

– Subsequently, it will always the winning mentality that get me through…

– Goal: To Find my own Identity.

…Febuary 5, 2009


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