Công việc tuần tới (Entry for August 31, 2008)

– Finish Research Proposal about Semantic Matching techniques
– Finish Assginment 2,3,4 of Compuatational Intelligence Course
– Read Chapter 1,2,3,4 of the Data Mining Course textbook
– Prepare for Data Mining – lab practice
– Select the paper to present in the Data Mining Course, the first time I work with a nice Thailand girl, suprisingly that she came and suggested me that: “Do you have any partner yet, I would like to work with you. At this time, I refused her. But last week, I agreed with her. Good luck, teppi
– Resuming Learning English again.
– Resuming learning those foundation courses in Computer Science:

+ Algorithms: Analysis and Design
+ Randomize Algorithms
+ Approximation Algorithms
+ Maths:
Graph Theory
Linear Algebra
Probability and Statistics
Mathemtical Statistics
Probabilistic Method
Fuzzy Set and Fuzzy Logic
+ Matching Techniques

– Draft the Overall Plan for all remaining time of this semester

– Còn gì nữa không ta…..Ah, chuẩn bị ôn thi học kỳ đi là vừa…không còn sớm đâu..vì là học kỳ đầu nên phải rất cẩn thận ah….

At the present, I love being busy…

One Response to “Công việc tuần tới (Entry for August 31, 2008)”

  1. Ven itsme Says:

    Hoanh trang nhi!

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